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Comments from Jillene's former patients: (Note: Due to HIPAA confidentiality laws, some patient names are not listed.)

  • "Why can't all PTs be like Jillene?  I ran into Jillene on a chance visit in the Capitol Forest Race event last weekend (September 6th, 2008).  A couple of months prior I had a bad bike accident and fractured my shoulder.  For the prior two months I had mutiple appointments with two different PTs and a othopedic surgen with no real results.  Neither the surgeon or the PTs had been able to explain why I could not raise my arm or provide proper treatment.  In one 90 minute session, Jillene was able to properly diagnose why I could not lift my arm, AND provided the exact treatment I needed to get my range of motion back.  By the end of the session I was able to lift my arm from the down position all the way to the sky!!  In Just one session.... That's amazing results.. Thanks Jillene.. You rock!!" thx
    Justin T., Olympia, WA

  • "Thank you so much Jillene for your help and support during my therapy sessions.  May god bless you and your love for your work!"

  • "This seems like a great time to pause and thank you for all that you have done and are doing to get me back in the game.  Your professionalism, knowledge, warmth and ability to think outside the box are valued traits.  I feel very fortunate to have happened into your qualified hands.  I look forward to our continued connection, professionally and personally."
  • " Thank you so much for all the care you have administered to me and for me.  You wear many hats in order to do your job well.  I doubt there is another who wears as many as well as you do."
  • "Thank you for all the hard work you have put into my therapy.  You really go all out to get your patients out of pain and back to life."
  • " I want to thank you for your kind and professional care.  I have really enjoyed getting to know you.  You are very knowledgeable as well as being so pleasant to work with."
  • "Thanks for all the coaching, counseling and healing. I will miss you so much."
  • "My husband and I went to the Mineral Lake Lodge Bed & Breakfast for a 3-day relaxing anniversary trip. For an additional treat and to unwind, I had a special relaxing therapy session with Jillene in a beautiful lakeside room at the Lodge near the lakeside. With the views of the water, Jillene not only relaxed me, she also pointed out my stress areas for further therapy. It was fantastic! We hope to revisit the Majestic Lodge soon and if so, I will certainly schedule Jillene for more massage therapy. She is excellent." M. Karr, Gig Harbor Washington (Permission granted for use of name)

Comments from Student Physical Therapists that have completed internships with Jillene:

  • "Thank you so much for your never ending support over the last 9 weeks.  You truly are a very passionate and loving person as well as a physical therapist.  I would be lucky to be able to practice to the same caliber as you.  Thank you for all of your help and expertise."  Levi Frazier, Student Physical Therapist, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA.
  • "Thank you so much for a spectacular 8 weeks of learning. It has gone so quickly and I feel that I have added quite a few skills to my toolbox. I appreciate all of your patience and dedication to making this an enjoyable experience." Lyndsay Johnson, Student Physical Therapist, College of St. Schoolastica, Duluth, MN.

Co-Worker Comments:

  • "Jillene is by far one of the most compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled therapists with whom I have ever worked. She is constantly seeking new & innovative treatment techniques and skills as well as identifying non-physical barriers to treatment. I turn to Jillene as a resource for my own treatments and truly admire her enthusiasm and passion for her patients." Gina Senkowski, MPT, OCS
  • "Along with the love her fellow co-workers and patients show for her, her physical therapy skills I hold with the highest regard.  If I have a question on anything medical, Jillene is who I hunt down.  I respect her opinion and envy her knowledge.  It just comes so natural for her." Kristin O’Brien, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Tacoma, WA.

Quotes from three yearly evaluation forms at Apple Physical Therapy in Graham, as written by her Manager, Brian Thacker. DPT, OCS, C.Ped

  • 2006: "Jillene is very devoted to her patients and her craft.  She’s certainly taught me a thing or two.  I am pleased to see her level of enthusiasm for our profession and her compassion for her patients.  Wow, Jillene continues to maintain a truly difficult level of productivity without sacrificing any level of care or compassion.  Her patients love her.  Her co-workers respect and look up to her.  I appreciate her level of professionalism and our company should continue to recognize Jillene’s extraordinary contributions to Apple." 
  • 2007: "Her co-workers love her, staff look up to her and I count on her.  Jillene is an exceptional clinician and super star employee.  I’m fortunate to work with a therapist of her caliber.   It has been a pleasure working with Jillene since 2004.  Ever since she stepped into the Graham clinic she has done nothing but great things for her patients, our clinic and our company.  Her patients love her.  I cannot imagine how I got so lucky to have such an exceptional person on our team in Graham."
  • 2008:  "Overall, Jillene is a Physical Therapy and Apple Physical Therapy superstar.  There is no metric Apple PT uses, on which Jillene does not measure at the very best (out  of 100 Physical Therapists).  She has been consistently at the top for the past 4 years.  I admire her compassion for her patients.  She represents the best of what physical therapists have to offer.  It has been a pleasure working with Jillene the past four years and look forward to the next four."

"Jillene exemplifies everything our profession (Physical therapy) values.  She is a determined professional & caring clinician, with superior skills and a passion for learning."  Brian Thacker, DPT, OCS C.Ped, Manager: Apple Physical Therapy Graham Clinic Manager and Partner.  As written on a recommendation form for Jillene’s application to a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. (Jillene is Currently Enrolled)