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Activities available in the area

*Additional Options Available either before and/or after your Mountain Time Wellness Feel Good Experience

  • To complete your Mountain Time Wellness Feel Good Retreat, immerse yourself in a 30 or 60 minute manual relaxation treatment with Jillene.  Schedule your appointment by emailing gnj@mountaintimewellness.com, or calling 360-402-3550.
  • Hire a photographer to capture your vacation or take some breathtaking portraits for you to show your friends and family greg@greglundphotography.com
  • Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad, www.mrsr.org
  • Boating or Fishing at Mineral Lake, Mineral, WA or Alder Lake.
  • Mount Rainier National Park, Mount Saint Helens
  • Ashford Creek Pottery, Ashford, WA
  • Skiing at Mt. Tahoma Trails www.mtta.com or White Pass Ski Resort www.skiwhitepass.com
  • Elbe Hills Off Road Vehicle Park www.nwjeepn.com/elbe.htm
  • Easy Time Horse Rides and Rentals
  • Copper Creek Inn
  • Visit the wildlife at Northwest Trek www.nwtrek.org
  • For a complete list of ideas, go to www.visitrainier.com