Feel good holistic physical therapy for all ages
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About Mountain Time Wellness

What is Mountain Time Wellness? Feel good holistic physical therapy for all ages.
Mountain Time Wellness is a holistic physical therapy practice focused on empowering clients to achieve and maintain wellness through:

  • fitness assessments
  • individualized fitness programs
  • mindfulness & body awareness exercises
  • manual and exercise physical therapy

Mountain Time Wellness services are beneficial for people of all ages who desire to maintain or increase activity level, prevent injury, and improve performance.

As a board certified orthopedic physical therapy specialist combined with my health psychology degree Jillene is able to achieve excellent results with her clients.

If you want to feel good, schedule an appointment or sign up for a retreat today.

Who is Jillene? Jillene is a full time physical therapist at Apple Physical Therapy. Mountain Time Wellness is Jillene's opportunity to treat patients using her unique combination of Western and Eastern Physical Therapy Techniques. Jillene has a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy, is an APTA Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, she earned her Bachelor of Arts with a Dual Major: Health Sciences and Psychology. Detailed Qualifications

Where is Mountain Time Wellness? Mineral, WA, near: Mt. Rainier, the Nisqually River, Mineral & Alder Lake, or wherever you would like to enjoy Mountain Time Wellness. Jillene will travel to your home, B&B, Cabin etc.

What is “Mountain Time”? Time to elevate physical, mental and spiritual well being by reconnecting with nature’s rhythms and your inner soul.

What is Western/Eastern Physical Therapy? Holistic physical therapy that integrates a unique combination of western & eastern medical theory and healing practices to balance mind, body , & spirit to achieve & maintain wellness.

Manual Therapy, is that the same as a massage? Manual therapy includes joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, passive stretching muscle energy techniques, nerve gliding, lymph drainage and cranio myofascial release. Because Jillene is a WA licensed physical therapist, all manual treatments are based on evidenced based research.

What treatments do you offer? Jillene will tailor treatment sessions upon request. Comprehensive personalized assessments are recommended for an enhanced holistic treatment focusing on balancing mind, body, and spirit. As a certified Mulligan manual therapist and orthopedic specialist Jillene can provide manual therapy treatment, exercise instruction and a personalized wellness program.

How do I pay? Payments may be made in cash, check or credit card (via paypal) at the time of appointment reservation. Mountain Time Wellness is a ‘cash-pay’ entity. Insurance is not accepted, please read below for a full explanation.

Mountain Time Wellness was developed as a result of Jillene providing 7 ½ years of insurance company dictated, restricted, and regulated physical therapy treatment that focused on disease, injuries and very restrictive guidelines all focused on insurance company profits, rather than client care.  Jillene became frustrated that she could not spend the time necessary to thoroughly evaluate and treat patients as a “whole” person.  Empirical research shows that physical, mental, and emotional states greatly affect healing success rates.  As a physical therapist, the most effective methods of achieving wellness involve addressing the “whole” person.  Mountain Time Wellness care is not restricted / nor regulated by insurance companies; rather, patient care is based on expert knowledge of physical function and movement, medical research and individual wellness goals, focusing on “whole body” wellness.